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Jassem Abdullah Boodai established Boodai Int’l Group of Companies (BIGC) in 1967 in Kuwait. The Group focused on three major business areas:

  • International real estate
  • International stock markets
  • Residential and commercial building construction

BIGC widened the scope of their operations in early 1990s to include construction materials, with substantial investment in quality human resources, contractors and suppliers. The company continued to expand its operations to new businesses and areas, even while internal restructuring and re-engineering.

Inception of Boodai Inc.
BIGC created a new company, ‘Boodai Inc., to handle the recently added business lines of BIGC effectively. Boodai Inc., has developed as a general trading and contracting company operating from Kuwait. Boodai Inc., caters to the market needs and opportunities of the entire Gulf region, supported by modern technology and high standard advanced solutions.

Expansion of Boodai Inc. Operations
Boodai Inc., has become a pioneer concept in offering integrated solutions in the fields of industrial and construction materials. Boodai Inc., has been effectively utilizing its market knowledge, international links and resources, and its special expertise to cater to the constantly increasing demand of industrial and construction materials in the local and regional markets. After its inception, the company has been enlarging its operation in various fields and services, such as logistics, construction, security, international agency consultation, industrial catering, etc.

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